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You Can Make a Difference!

Lend a hand and change the lives of your neighbors.

Volunteering Group
Image by Chris Liverani
Clothes Donation

Share Your Gifts & Talents

Consider Volunteering With Us

You are unique, and your time is precious. We can use help with outreach, community meals, warming centers, fundraising, networking, and more.

If you are moved by the plight of your neighbors, please contact us and we'll work with you to find a good fit for your gift of time.

Partner with Us

Individuals, Foundations, Small Businesses, Corporations

Do you have an idea of how you or your organization can support our work? All ideas are welcome.

Please reach out and share your thoughts with us. We're grateful for more minds and hands to help us do this important work.

Contributions Make It Work

Cash, warm clothing, food, auto-repair services, and more.

Our work is funded by the generosity of people just like you. Click below to make a cash contribution. Email us for other gifts.

100% of all contributions are used to support at-risk and circumstantially homeless people in the Bitterroot Valley. We spend $0 on administration and labor to do what we do.

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